Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan

January 2024 – December 2024

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Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan January 2024 – December 2024

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Acknowledgement of Country

In keeping with the spirit of Reconciliation, Jensen McConaghy Lawyers acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the land.

We wish to pay respect to their Elders – past, present and emerging – and acknowledge the important role Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples continue to play within the community.

Statement from CEO of Reconciliation Australia

Reconciliation Australia welcomes Jensen McConaghy Lawyers to the Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) program with the formal endorsement of its inaugural Reflect RAP.
Jensen McConaghy Lawyers joins a network of more than 2,200 corporate, government, and not-for-profit organisations that have made a formal commitment to reconciliation through the RAP program.

Since 2006, RAPs have provided a framework for organisations to leverage their structures and diverse spheres of influence to support the national reconciliation movement. The program’s potential for impact is greater than ever, with close to 3 million people now working or studying in an organisation with a RAP.

The four RAP types — Reflect, Innovate, Stretch and Elevate — allow RAP partners to continuously develop and strengthen reconciliation commitments in new ways. This Reflect RAP will lay the foundations, priming the workplace for future RAPs and reconciliation initiatives.

The RAP program’s strength is its framework of relationships, respect, and opportunities, allowing an organisation to strategically set its reconciliation commitments in line with its own business objectives, for the most effective outcomes.

These outcomes contribute towards the five dimensions of reconciliation: race relations; equality and equity; institutional integrity; unity; and historical acceptance.

It is critical to not only uphold all five dimensions of reconciliation, but also increase awareness of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures, histories, knowledge, and leadership across all sectors of Australian society.

This Reflect RAP enables Jensen McConaghy Lawyers to deepen its understanding of its sphere of influence and the unique contribution it can make to lead progress across the five dimensions. Getting these first steps right will ensure the sustainability of future RAPs and reconciliation initiatives, and provide meaningful impact toward Australia’s reconciliation journey.

Congratulations to Jensen McConaghy Lawyers, welcome to the RAP program, and I look forward to following your reconciliation journey in the years to come.

Karen Mundine
Chief Executive Officer
Reconciliation Australia

Statement from Jensen McConaghy Lawyers’ Leadership Team

As a firm we are proud to launch our first Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP).

We acknowledge our responsibility to provide equal opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and we are committed to ensuring the successful delivery of our RAP.

We strive to positively contribute to the communities in which we work and continue taking steps towards national reconciliation.

On behalf of Jensen McConaghy Lawyers, we thank Reconciliation Australia for their continued support and awareness throughout our reconciliation journey.

Our partnerships & current activities

We celebrate firm wide significant First Nations events such as NAIDOC week and National Reconciliation week.

With the development of our RAP we intend to expand on our contribution to First Nations communities and build further partnerships with leading organisations focused on diversity.