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Jensen McConaghy believes in solid relationships, expert advice and outstanding results

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Commercially relevant and tailored advice from Queensland Law Society experts.

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Level 14, 240 Queen Street,
Brisbane QLD 4000.

GPO Box 5711, Brisbane QLD 4001.

P.  07 3221 4422
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We are approachable and have a keen interest in getting to know your business needs. You will find our lawyers to be accessible and willing to work closely with you to develop a relationship and progress your goals.



We work hard to achieve prompt resolutions to your legal issues as well as provide expert advice on claims management, accurate claim reserves and overall reduction in claims costs and durations. Our experienced team will advise of the options available for achieving a fast and favourable outcome.



We deliver results that are timely, cost effective and lasting. Many thousands of claims have been resolved by our experienced and specialised legal team, and our strategic and innovative solutions add value to many businesses.


What makes Jensen McConaghy different?
  • High level of experience. The legal experience of our workers compensation team averages 17 years and our CTP team averages over 25 years.
  • Size of our team. We have the largest statutory insurance practice in Queensland.
  • Large number of specialists. We have designated experts in each personal injury scheme, including six Queensland Law Society Accredited Specialists, which enables us to provide broad and thorough advice.
  • Proven track record. For years our lawyers have successfully acted for employers in the areas of industrial relations, occupational health and safety, discrimination, and workplace investigations and training. We manage the largest catastrophic personal injury claim portfolio in Queensland.
  • Speedy resolutions. We are widely respected for our ability to resolve claims quickly and efficiently, avoiding unnecessary cost and delay.
  • Personalised service. We ensure that you receive personalised service from the most experienced lawyers and that you are not just ‘passed down the line’
  • Lasting solutions. We have achieved many successful verdicts at trial, as well as ‘walk away’ settlements in a significant proportion of claims. We develop solutions that are pragmatic, business focused and effective.


Our lawyer’s results speak for themselves
  • Jensen McConaghy is regularly ranked very highly in performance reviews conducted by a Workers Compensation insurer client across all panel firms in the State, across a range of performance metrics.
  • Over the last two years our lawyers have resolved over 130 files where damages exceeded $400,000 at an average of over $1.26 million. Our fees were under 2% of damages recovered.
  • Over the last two years we resolved 39 claims with damages in the range of $1-$8 million (average of $2.84 million) with total damages of over $110 million.
  • We have recently resolved 40% of our public liability claims on a ‘walk-away’ basis.
  • We recently finalised a portfolio of several hundred workers compensation claims, achieving average claim durations of less than nine months. Our reserve estimates were accurate to within 2% of the actual figure and 79% of the claims resolved before litigation.